Right way of living 

Along with feeling proud of the achievements of our life we should always remember to pay our respect and love to those who have not left any stone unturned  to  make our life more and more better each day,and that’s why we can easily fulfill our dreams.we all are getting everything best cause some one out  there has been and had been sowing the seeds and nurturing it with their utmost love hard work and care.we are eating the sweetest fruits  in the form of all the luxuries of life and good knowledge because  they have done their part to make our life more comfortable and easier.while living our life we focus on our achievements so much that we forget the Masters  behind our success and many time knowingly or unknowingly we hurt such people without whom our life wouldn’t have any meaning. While enjoying the fruits of our achievements we all have to be cautious, not to hurt those  lovely people in our life.


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