Right way of living

There are so many properties of each and every substance but when we work towards it then only we can enjoy the sweetest fruit of it.For e.g. When we look at milk it’s just milk but when we go deep inside it’s properties then we can separate milk fat and water and when we heat the fat of the milk  we find the best form of the fat and that is clarified butter. Like that when we look at the seed its mere seed but when we work hard and grow it we can really enjoy the oxygen from the plant  which is life giving  to all the beings around. As we keep nurturing it,It is capable of giving lots of sweet fruitsLike that we have our body which we find that it’s mere body till we are alive and the day we will die  someone will  either burn it or criminate it,From the day we are born and till we live we have to understand the properties of our body too and we all have to understand that there is so much we have inside us which we all can’t see , we have to extract the clarified butter the sweet fruit the life giving air from our body so that when anyone  perform our last rites they just do it to that body from which we have extracted all the goodness and spread it all around us and in the universe . 


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