Right way of living 

Any work done with honesty  and passion is done to perform an action which every being is craving. We have to respect the job of every being. We don’t know in which circumstances beings perform their task but aim is to perform with honesty and hard work. None of the jobs are small criteria behind every job is the urge to work,no one wants to sit idle,Many times we discriminate and  look at the cleaners job and cleaners with disguise but we don’t realize it that it is one of the most hard and most dedicated job in the world really hats off to  those millions of people who are performing the task of cleaning the toilets and garbage bins with  so much love and care.If we really want  to meet a pure soul, it resides in them that’s why they can clean the shit of others without hatred. Just imagine our planet without these kind hearted people.Everyday we should try our best to at least give some happiness to them that way we will sure lessen the burden of Almighty.


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