Right way of living 

All the teachers and Gurus in the world are also born from a women’s womb. Everyone accumulates knowledge either from their own experiences or someone who is born before them .Wec cannot find  100percent truth behind everything  nothing is permanent so whatever we do today may be someday we will not be able  to perform that task k  so we don’t have To stick to any belief,nothing will last forever,slowly we have to  leave,otherwise we will be forced to leave,as,it’s the law of nature , we shouldn’t  enforce our beliefs on anyone just because we think that it’s right cause we are taught that way  but others are not so how can we make others believe what we think is right. Whatever we do, we should do it from the core  of our heart and with a very positive attitude and should never believe that we are doing it that’s why others should also follow. If we are going in a right direction then people will have to follow cause at the end of the day everyone wants right for them.


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