Right way of living

We don’t have to wait for time, resources and people to start something which we are craving for ,and we all are craving to do something which can change the lives of needy and underprievelalaged. Many times we think we will do good work once we have some extra money or we will start something for charity or we will join people who already do it.we just have to get up in the morning and before feeding ourselves we just have to keep something from our daily food for someone who is hungry and for some reasons can’t have food like us. Everyday if we give a piece of bread or a fruit also to someone needy and hungry , after a month it’s thirty fruit and thirty pieces of bread. Everyday while giving we really give a smile to someone and positivity that humanity is always there no matter how much and to whom we give. Loving every being is very important to keep the humanity alive if we don’t meet any human there are millions of birds we can feed .it’s just our thoughts and a giving human hand ,is needed to spread the love and kindness.


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