Right way of living

When we will able to spread the message of unconditional love to each and every human on the planet that every being wants to live no matter what colour and what shape it has. We are here on this planet to spread our love and we can survive nicely with very good health and good energy  if we feed on green vegetables and grains and all the healthy fruits which are in abandon for us and we all have the skills to grow them around us.Really our heart should cry before killing any being for our food it’s the most ferocious act and this act brings so much negative energy inside the bodies of humans. They don’t realize it while killing and eating them but of course everyone has to suffer the consequences of killing whether it’s humans or Animals. Please spread this message around the globe as much as we all can the Universe sure will bless us all for being kind to those beings who can’t express the amount of pain they suffer while getting killed, burnt, and boiled. Have Mercy on them 🙏


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