Right way of living

Heart breaking news fro Taiwan, Taiwan have slaughtered at least 150’000 poultry after an outbreak of bird flu in many counties and cities.. selfish humans if their brain will work like this then the day is not far when humans will not hesitate to kill humans also if their is a outbreak because of humans. Simple thought can change the whole theory that be a vegetarian stop eating and killing those animals but who will control the taste buds ?who will control the mind ?  Nature will help us till we will understand our boundaries but the day we will cross it and will become blind by our selfish desires the devastation will be too bad on our lives. Please pass it on to our generations otherwise these killings of innocent lives will have really bad impact on our karmas . Now doing it unknowingly but when the devastations will come on our lives we will not be able to understand it and their will be no one to wipe our sorrow. Let’s all wake up and try our best not to let people kill and slaughter those lives . Spread this message around the globe.


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