Right way of living 

Right way of living Whenever there is a column in the newspaper about bird flu and then the measures to prevent it is to kill thousands of chickens ? How can human brain be so selfish , idiotic and total senseless. Something which is giving you disease you will not consume it or you will kill it ? Really always wonder why ? Stop eating them so that you will not get any kind of disease in your body or keep consuming it but kill those who have disease and how long will you be able to find the disease less chickens? Stop killing innocent beings just because of your strong tastebuds , just because you have no control upon your tongue. By killing thousands of them in one time you guys are accumulating the heeps and cries of those unspoken beings , we live life to accumulate blessings and love in whatever we do but by doing so what you guys are doing ??? For Chinese this year is the year of rooster and Chinese believe that birds and animals are the representations for various aspects of life , and they believe that hearing a rooster’s voice in your dreams is a wake up call and needs to pay attention to circumstances in their lives. Perfect if they can hear the cry while killing millions of them, then it’s a wake up call for the whole clan world wide that stop killing them otherwise the being whom you guys believe the epitome of fidelity, punctuality,symbol of advancement , and protecting one’s house from demons, fire and many more evils will be the cause of sorrows in your life . These beings brings lots of great positive aspects into the lives of Chinese just by being the symbol but actually they never understand the real meaning and couldn’t incorporated into their lives truely. Always be a bit scared of the divine and the disasters because humans can do whatever they want but time comes when they also have to pay for the sins .


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