Right way of living 

Nothing can be right for us if our health is not good and if our thoughts have negative impact. Food plays a major role in upbringing our whole self. Since from years we humans are in search of food which can give us good health Good mind and good body and the food which can ensure us to live long life.whoever finds a good food they make a story behind it and introduces it to the world.we always ignores what Mother Nature has given us lots and lots of natural food , lots and lots of intelligent skills, so that we can grow food but most of the time we ignore and on the land we are building factories and many other buildings  ignoring the land which is useful for growing food  for us as well for our generations to come. We all like organic high quality food . Since from centuries all the saints are giving us the knowledge and benefits of vegetarian food but people simply ignores these facts because  we are not bothered  how much pain we are inflicting upon different beings just because some wild person has introduced non vegetarian food to the world. Why do we have to kill some other being for our food ?and after eating that food how can we think  of living a healthy and happy life ? 


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