Right way of living

We all have thirst for knowledge cause without knowledge we cannot fulfill our cravings to solve the puzzle, the journey of our life. The most important aspect of knowledge gain is to understand the practical part. No matter we read thousands of book , no matter we get many higher degrees but if we fail in living our lives to its fullest then all the knowledge gained has no use at all. While gaining knowledge we should always remember to use it in our daily life , and always let others also light a candle from our knowledge . We have seen many teachers , doctors , scientists and many more knowledgeable people going into depression   and they finish their life  with their own hands.while gaining knowledge we all shouldn’t forget that everyday we should take as much as our body can take and we shouldn’t ignore the wellbeing of our body cause in that body there resides our soul and through our body we can nurture it. We should gain knowledge as our daily diet so that it keeps nurturing our mind body and soul.


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