Right way of seeking forgiveness 

We have no right to hurt a tiny being cause a very tiny hurt also gives immense pain to us  and our happy expressions changes into ferocious for a second , so imagine ,when we kill ,when we hurt ,when we irritate someone  what happens?  Every year eight days of our life we try and live with our soul , it is the time when we try our best to indulge more and more in meditation  and less of materialistic  activities . These eight days we do more fasting and if we eat, we don’t even eat green vegetables just dry grains , try our best to understand life and  save as many as tiny creatures also . We are here on this planet to complete our journey of our karma . We understand that there are uncountable beings who might be hurt as the result of our deeds without us knowingly or unknowingly so  we take this means to bow  to the entire universe and all the beings and ask for forgiveness from the core of our heart before  we sit for meditation and connect our body to our soul whole heartedly .love  all . Live with peace and let others also live with peace so all can complete the journey of life  with peace and happiness May I learn this every second of my life 🙏😘


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