Right way of socializing 

We are all social beings and we are born to live with society and learn from  each and every being we meet . Without society  we can’t live happily .To understand  our life we have to learn to live with all our relations  with   Patience, kindness and unconditional love . Alone we are nothing but with all we will never fall.   Question arises how to socialise ? Today’s  youth  feels that to socialise we have to drink , smoke and use different wrong  ingredients  which makes them high and they feel the pleasure for only some time .  We can dance, we can drink , we can eat ,  we can go out . Dance  so that  we enjoy  till we have our own energy, drink which is healthy as well as can gives us immense energy  to live more healthy life with healthy lungs and kidneys.  We can enjoy the nature in the day time and at  night  we can enjoy our houses which we built with so much hard work and passion .   Our families , our friends  they all can learn from each other if we  find the right  ways to enjoy happiness  and  health.  No one in the family will have to work so hard if half of all our wrong habits  will vanish  with right understanding of all our dear relations.


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