Right  eating 

When the right food goes inside our body right  thoughts will automatically  emerge.  The food which has no blood shed  is actually the right food  . We humans are so intelligent , little pain also we can’t bear   The moment we have pain we will seek the help of Doctor  but. How about  those who wants to complete their life  in a peaceful way the way they want but why can’t. We understand their pain ? How mercilessly  kill them for food  , at that time  all our kindness, all our peaceful thoughts vanish just because  we don’t think for a moment also that those poor living beings have no doctor to  take care. They can’t express their pain  but their eyes expresses  that they too want to live without pain. Stop killing  animals and birds for food   Nature  has taught  us millions  way to grow food to satisfy our hunger in a delicious and healthy way . Eat vegetarian be healthy  and seek the blessings of those innocent lives  to live happily  in this planet . We sure will have answers for our  pain.


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