Right way of living

We all are travelers on this  planet . We all are gifted with a body  so the soul with in us can experiment, experience and learn  and think rationally about every being on the planet.  Everyday learning something good is very very important  cause we all born with our basic nature  and nature is second nature , very difficult to change our thought process . Everyday if we learn to be good in a sense  to be, kind, to shed our anger,  hatred , jealousy, killing instinct ,  love for every being no matter how small or what shape or what colour,learn to survive on the nature’s food that is without shedding the blood we all should learn to be vegetarian . Our soul will sure experience peace if we learn to sit in meditation for at least some moments in a busy day .  Peace will sure prevail on the planet if we all start learning how to be peaceful no matter how bad the situation ,our forgiveness might  be very very painful sometimes but it will sure turn our enemy into a very peaceful soul.


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