Right people

As we start our day  we remember the supreme power in some way or the other and as  we start our daily schedule  we  do remember him in many  of our tasks by saying sorry or by expressing our gratitude .  Actually that supreme power is always around us  in some or the other being   helping us . Alone we are nothing and together we are the world.  His angels are all around us   By making our life so pleasurable  and happy it’s that just we need an eye to recognize them .  Whenever we desire with love and positive thought  , it’s sure someone will help us to fullfill it . Who are they? They all are his angels who are helping us, giving us the lessons of life , curing our illness, giving us love, serving us, fulfilling our appetite , entertaining us, many more beings on this planet who are making the journey of life easier and happy . All the souls belong to the supreme power  and we all should love and respect every being .


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