Right karma

Everything we experience in this life is all due to our good or bad karma . No one  is responsible  for our happiness or our sorrows  we are what we perform.  If with our concious  mind we accept the fact for lifetime  that  whatever has to be done  has to be done by me till  the time I will  keep working hard I will achieve whatever I want, the moment I will expect from  others  my complexities will start growing . If happiness is in giving I have to give , if happiness is in receiving  then also  I have to give ,  the moment I expect that I will recieve something  our mind starts thinking about the other person  and  no two people  think a like  so  whatever the other  person gives it will never fullfill our expectations. Expecting from others is the biggest pain  if we all want to live with a light heart then  we all should learn to  perform our all activities without  zero expectation.


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