Right way

keep the mind happy, heart soft and soul pure. These three virtues  will make our life full of blessings. It’s very easy  to write but to live life with these three  special jwels is  the toughest task.  We all are attracted towards the most happiest person but do we really know to keep the mind happy  what that person has given up .  Most of us have the hunger for power  , but if constantly we will make our motto to gain power how we can keep our mind happy cause to gain power we  all know how dirty politics is played . We all like a person with soft heart  but have we ever realized to keep the heart soft how many times in life we have to learn to let go things and incidents . Pure soul we all are craving since birth and till we die .   Purity of soul is possible when we will have the unconditional love for every being on the planet . If the doctor advices us to stop anything which is bad for our system we will follow it very quickly  but if the nature is warning us  not to go against it  we will not bother  , why? Because it’s bad for the whole planet  to go against nature . Why? We are so selfish? Our pain is pain ! But how about the pain of others?


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