Right way

we  are born with exceptional qualities and power.,  we are sure  that it’s not only to live  enjoy and die . There is a deep  understanding of soul  and body   And its for sure tha the  major   Energy  we have to use in uplifting our soul   Cause when we will die the body will  turn to ashes  something which we call soul  will  be  leaving  so very simple. But deep understanding will help us  to use our power    In all right directions .  Our own energy will help  us to take  our soul  on  higher dimensions   . We  use  all our power to look good , to remain healthy, to become rich , to be happiest. Person. But still  we get old , we get our share of. Illness  and  sorrows , why? cause law of nature  can’t be changed . Recognise the energy with in us  and have to use  it to understand our true self   . While living we have to  learn to control all our five sense In that manner  that we are always eager  to spread  love , peace and happiness and help every being onthis planet to gain right. Knowledge , right  conduct   And right living.


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