Right way

our nature is  only next to nature . Unless we want no one  can change it. We are born with a special purpose and everything around us is happening  for some reason . We can’t change anything  for a span of second also. We can only change ourselves every second if we stop analyzing  others.   Our main purpose is to live as long as we can and as healthy as we can cause the only beautiful gift we have is our beautiful life . Till we are alive  we can   Solve the purpose of our life by living  for us  and for   others.  The most important thing which we all have ticunderstand  is  how to live  happily without.,Alcohol, smoking, drugs and all those poisonous  things which  are  depriving us from living a meaningful, happy, virtuous and peaceful life. When we will understand  the harmful effects of these  things  on our mind and body then only we can think beyond it.we can   Find healthy option for pleasure and our health .

  We all should include those things  which not only improves our health  but gives us the pleasure of living a very happy , healthy and long life.


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