We all need to live on this planet how long we all have granted life. Some of us are much more capable and lucky enough to get most of the things which we need to experience the journey of life. There are many who are not as lucky and as capable , but still they all are trying hard to live and complete the journey of life. Many times we get frustrated and show our anger on such people if our work is not done properly or we don’t get what we want on time . To forgive and forget the mistakes of everyone included us is the perfect mantra to live a peaceful life . Every week we all should make it a point to seek forgiveness from all our dear ones our helpers our friends or anyone on whom we got angry . I am a peaceful. Soul and so I have no bad feelings towards any being on this planet. Everyday in our prayer we should seek forgiveness from each and every being on this planet if by mistake also we’ve . harmed any being .


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