Energy which is life , energy which is the supreme power is all around us .our ancestors and we all have created energy in the. Churches , in the mosque, in the temples and many more places like meditation halls and many many more places and objects. We all are aware of this positive energy which people offer while praying and meditating in such places . This energy comes from within all of us. We are all the source of high energy . We realise it only sometime or some moment of the day. And at that time we want to be with our selves Forgetting everything and everyone around . Why we create that energy for few moments ? Why can’t we live with the energy we have and live our life ? Our life ‘s journey will be so meaningful , lovely and full of positive attitude. Every moment and everyday of our life is very very precious , supreme energy is all around us. It’s just. We have to be cautious that we don’t get swayed by anything which distracts our positive powers .


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