Conscious being

We all think that we are the most conscious beings on this planet. It is good that at least we all are aware of this fact Though we are awakened but we are not using our consciousness in right direction. If we are awakened then how can we not understand that our resources are for protecting the rights of every being on this planet. Our conscious powers should not allow us to take the life of any being . Most of the animals also will not harm us until we try to touch them though they are much more weaker then us in true sense. Most if our life we live for our body that’s why we kill animals and eat them cause it is our misconception that they make Healthy food for us . We humans only make rules and we follow them . We never think about our soul which is repeatedly asking for mercy for every being on this planet how much more we get we become more . Unsatisfied . Our unsatisfied body and soul is because if our own wrong deeds. It’s time to rise from our own weakness 👍


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