Yesterday I was reading that in japan just because one person got bird flue they killed thousands of live chickens what’s wrong with the brains of humans if something is so life threatening then why can’t they stop eating it.No control on taste buds. People don’t realise that whatever we sow so shall we repay. When disasters come we all cry. But do we ever know unknowingly how much pain we give to other beings just because they can’t raise voice like us. Who will repay for those liives Chickens who are murdered just because they are of no use Humanity never teaches us to be so cruel We really have to think about it . No one will die if they will not eat these poor creatures . Let’s all get together and spread the message of being humans. It is our duty not to give pain instead we should try and lessen the pain of other beings. We all will have to pay for our actions. An awaken soul is a blessed soul.


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