Happiness is the most important for all of us but at what cost we all want happiness. Today in the news paper when I went through this news that in Macau the authorities have culled some 80000 live birds so that peole don’t get influenza . We human are the most intelligent species on this planet but when there is a threat to our happiness. We can stoop to any low levels to save ourselves or save our happiness. How can we not stop eating those poor creature if they are threat to our lives. How long we keep killing them?Why can’t we stop eating them.? food gives us happiness and fulfillment but how can we get nourishment by killing those beings Just because they can’ raise their voice we can’t be cruel to innocent beings.Our own people if by mistake also get any harm we become so angry but wha. About other beings? We have to think and spread this message to the world that happiness is important not only for us but every being wants to live with their part of happiness.😊


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