Life and attitude

Money is the important factor in all of our lives . Until we have it we can never. Understand that though it is Important , but. It is not everything to understand this life. Until we we don’t have. All the luxuries of life We will keep craving for them . Once we have them. Then only. We can understand that the. Ultimate Happiness. Which we all are searching is not in these luxuries. But the journey of happiness is incomplete without Materialistic happiness . When we taste something then only. We can Tell the perfect taste , without tasting. We Will always. Be into illusion. So it’s right to work towards making money , but while doing so our attitude , our inner soul should be as simple. As a child . We should. Always remember while achieving our goals that Truth , honesty , simple attitude are all the Soul’s food. How much we will nourish. Our outer body without understanding the inner soul ‘s happiness we will always be incomplete . Our cravings will never. Finish cause outer body has meaning till we are alive that’s why it gets satisfied By materialistic happiness but soul is different That’s why how much more we getWe still become restless It’s because our soul is seeking spirituality .


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