Most important part of our life is our true peaceful nature. Most of the time in our life we all indulge in beautifying our outer part , though somewhere in our heart we all understand and feel that it just gives us satisfaction for very small amount of time . Our true nature is to beautify our innerself . It is proven fact that how much aggressive we are but at the end of the day we all crave for peace, love and affection .How much Anger, frustration we show but after some time we all want to be at peace . Our true nature, our craving is peace. So friends every soul on this universe may be different from outer look but the main aim of every being is to be at peace at the end of the day. How many wars are fought , but the solution is always peace. So we all know the true nature of us then it’s just we all have to strongly condemned hatred towards any being and always support our true nature.


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