Many times we keep complaining? why no one understand me? Why?every time everyone thinks , I am wrong.whenever I try to do right , every situation turns wrong? Why it’s. Always me? We get frustrated in our life thinking about all baseless questions about which no one in this world can. Answer. Us clearly. Almost everyone from us In day today’s life is asking such unanswerable questions. Because somewhere in our heart we all think that. Whatever we are doing is right, but it’s not necessary every time we get positive results.Understanding our own self is the most important task For all of us. But instead thinking that we are right but others are always at fault , we all messed up our beautiful life.everyday brings a new beautiful morning with beautiful sunrise. We also have to. Wake up with that sunrise to complete our life’s beautiful journey. Like sun. With so much high level of energy , so much heat but giving life to each and every living being., without thinking who is right , who is wrong, who is bad , who is good. Our karma (action) should be to spread happiness. My understanding is that. I have to. Just concentrate on our actions and thoughts , I can’t waste time thinking and understanding others, should be the right goal of our life.


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