Food is important for each and every living being .But what kind of food we all should eat that we all have to learn. I always feel blessed as I m born into a vegetarian family. Whenever I go to market and see people are buying live animals.for their food , my heart cries thinking that they will put them on fire without giving a single thought to the pain which they are going to inflict on these poor creatures ,who can’t speak but feel the pain just like we do. I always feel Maybe there is no one to teach them ,the way we are taught from our childhood that we all should always eat vegetarian food. Mother Nature is giving us in abundance cereals , fruits and many vegetables. Vegetarian food always keeps us healthy, happy and spiritually contend. We all should try our best to spread the knowledge of right way of eating, that is , be a vegetarian and be blessed. For any celebration please! Don’t kill animals. They also don’t harm us until we go near them. We humans are far far more sensible then animals , come lets all get together and prove life and live life.🙏


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