Right way of living starts with freedom of thought . We all love freedom, we respect freedom, but when it comes for the other beings we forget what freedom means to them. the way we love freedom like that every being on this planet have the right to live. We have no right to snatch the right Of freedom from other beings just because they don’t have sense of expression like us. The law of nature is that whatever. We crave for us first we have to learn to give to others , then only we will be able to enjoy it and we will be blessed . We keep innocent birds in the cages just for our selfish happiness without realizing they have feathers to fly freely in the sky. It is more fun to see them enjoying the ride of the sky rather then keeping them in the cages. When we will realize the small rights of the innocent beings on this planet Very soon we will be the happiest beings in this planet. We have to Use our senses for right purpose then only we will be called sensible beings.


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