Purpose of life

The right way of living is to be committed to the lives of other beings. Its about the journey made with those who really need our affection , our love and our help. Its about achieving dreams for those who are deprived in many ways; providing protection, offering solutions to their never ending problems and helping them live life with the right way of living. We are gifted beings, we have everything , the only thing we need is right focus and a perfect mind to understand that we are here on this planet with special duties . We can’t waste our precious life doing nothing . We have to look after ourselves , so that we gain the strength to fulfill our duties as humans. Understanding the purpose of life is very simple it’s just that sometimes we become reluctant and lazy, and we make it complicated and pretend not to understand life. The purpose of our life is not difficult,it is to live our life to help those who really need our love and support


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