Senses (part 2)

The right way of living only defines the right religion. Any person who is following any religion are following the right way of living. If we follow any wrong practice with religion it means that we aren’t following the religion properly. Using all our five senses sensibly will slowly help us turn into a religious soul. The way out body need food, in the same way our soul needs religion.

Firstly lets talk about our most important sense – taste. It is good to develop a taste as Mother Nature has gifted us such delicious food in the form of plants. We get the sign to collect these foods when they are ripe. These plant foods have all the qualities to heal our mind and soul.

Killing innocent animals for our soul is strictly prohibited. It is our moral duty to respect every life that want life like us. When we kill animals for our food we inflict so much pain on them and we take that pain with us when we consume those foods. In the long term, we will experience the same pain in the form of different diseases and sorrows. It is the simple law if nature – as we sow so shall we reap.

Love every being!


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